White papers are reports that focus on a specific problem and describe the solutions available. They provide clear, factual information that helps readers reach a decision about purchasing a product or service.

In the business-to-business realm, white papers can play a very definitive role in creating credibility and promoting a company’s brand. When they include the right information, they move complex buying processes along in large companies.

How does that work?

By providing dependable information, your white paper saves purchasers precious time in evaluating a potential investment. This means white papers are highly regarded as marketing tools…

…when done well.

Consider your target audience. They might be:

– Potential buyers, looking to compare products in your niche.

– Informed readers looking for more information about the specific problem you can solve.

– Prospects that might be curious about your company and what you offer.

In other words, where in the buying process is your reader? When you take this into consideration, you include rather different information. Maybe you’ll have more about the technical features and less about your track record – or just the opposite.

Whatever you put into your white paper, show that you truly want to help. Be clear that you are concerned about their problem and have a good solution they should consider.

When you include not only the facts, but also the values that lie at the heart of your business, then sales, brand-building, credibility and customer loyalty will grow from this single, effective tool.

Been considering white papers? If you’d like to generate more sales leverage in this way, let’s talk. Writing that resonates opens many doors to higher profits. This one might just be a winner for you.