The Mind’s the Limit

When Tony Buzan’s The Mind Map Book was published in the early 1990’s, many creative thinkers felt they now had an unbelievably natural, simple, elegant tool for capturing and developing ideas.

Visionary entrepreneurs have integrated this tool in countless management meetings, R&D departments use it to go further and faster with their teamwork.

Now, as the fourth quarter of the year is well underway, you might find it refreshing to spend a few sessions – on your own or with colleagues –brainstorming for 2015 using a mind map.

If you’re most comfortable being creative in front of your computer, you might try this free mind mapping software available on the internet at MindMup.

But if you want to just play around with colored pens and some blank paper, you might be surprised at the eye-pleasing results you get with this basic media. It’s also a way to re-visit that curiosity and fearlessness we had as kids when given crayons and coloring books.

Need some inspiration for starters? Here’s a musical Ted talk by Daria van den Bercken.

Proof that pianos can fly and only our imaginations decide our limits.