I – Ready…

Entrepreneurial Copy offers a range of copywriting services, including…

Website evaluation
Content marketing strategies
Copy for lead generation
Case studies
Keyword research and SEO
Direct response copy
Video Sales Letters

To get started, we‘ll look at how any one – or more – of these can work for you. Then we’ll discuss what is already working well in your sales process, and what can be improved.

In just a short telephone call, or even a brief email message, we can find the best way to move forward. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

II – Aim…

Central to all our planning is what the copy should achieve.

If the project is relatively simple and straightforward, we’ll set the framework, cost and timeline within a few days. For more extensive projects, there may be more questions to discuss and details to decide on.

Setting up the framework of the project includes decisions about how much copy is needed and what type it should be. We’ll discuss if there are any others in your organization that will be involved, as well as who your audience is.

Once the project is well outlined, you will receive a proposal that includes a full work specification and the cost to you. You are welcome to make suggestions and revisions if new information has come up, or a different schedule is required.

III – Fire!

When the final proposal is approved and 50% of the project cost has been received, your project will be in the works. At certain intervals you will have the chance to read and revise any material that may need special attention. These checkpoints ensure that the copy you have requested meets the specifications agreed upon.

Part of the planning process involves research. In some cases, interviews with sales reps or others in your company in close contact with buyers, may be requested. In addition, information about your competitors will be explored and analyzed.

This ensures that you receive the best quality of writing that brings results.

Once the final draft is delivered, any revisions requested will be made within two weeks of notification. When the text is finalized, the remaining 50% of the project cost is invoiced.

IV Guarantee

The Entrepreneurial Copy Guarantee

If at any time during our collaboration, you are not satisfied with the work in progress, the project may be cancelled, and a full refund provided.

Once final copy is delivered, you have a 30-day period in which to request any revisions in line with the original assignment. Any such changes are provided quickly and in accordance with your specifications.

Entrepreneurial Copy guarantees writing that resonates — on time and on budget.