Company:   Blenta

Survival rates are up. Dangerous chemicals are out. Bacterial counts are down… drastically! This is the new situation at Sweden’s largest privately-owned hatchery. Salt, water and electricity vs. formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide.

It sounds too good to be true.

For many years, the hatchery had used very strong detergents and disinfectants to keep bacteria counts under control. But the formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and acids they were using are also extremely harmful.

Costly too. This large hatching facility had a bill of more than $70,000 for the four tons of chemicals it required every year. Was it really possible to kill the germs more safely?

In 2009 the biotech company Anolytech, was founded in Ystad, Sweden to develop a highly efficient, low cost disinfectant for use in agricultural companies required to meet the highest possible hygienic standards. By summer 2011, the Blenta Hatchery in Blentarp had installed the new technology. Expectations were high – personnel were really looking forward to shedding all their protective clothing and gas masks!

Company directors anticipated major cost reductions when expensive chemicals no longer were needed. It didn’t take long. Soon tests were confirming that these harmless ingredients, handled in a very special way, could greatly reduce – even eliminate – bacteria which had previously been difficult to contain.

As safe as it is ingenious

Water and regular vacuum-packed salt is put into large tanks. The brine produced is then sent through a reactor that splits it into an acidic solution and an alkaline solution. The alkaline solution is used for cleaning and the acidic solution is used to disinfect.

It is completely safe, biodegradable and can be rinsed away through the normal drainage system.

American chicks will soon be just as pampered

When word reached the US poultry giant Chick Master, they soon paid a visit to their Swedish colleagues at Blenta. Seeing with their own eyes how this ingenious solution disinfects both safely and economically, they soon started negotiating for usage rights in the US.

German pigs are also benefitting

News of this revolutionary disinfectant has also reached Germany. A pig farmer with a group of piglets that were extremely aggressive tried spraying a diluted dose of the liquid on the troublesome pigs once a day. The results were remarkable. The tail bite wounds of the aggressive piglets healed 80% faster than was normally the case. In addition, the piglets became much more passive. How could this be? Not only does the solution effectively kill germs, but amazingly, it also removes hormonal odors that trigger tail biting in piglets.

Everyone’s quality of life improves

In Blentarp it may be difficult to know which group has benefitted the most – the 36 million chicks a year hatched there, or those who take care of them. After years of needing to use protective clothing at work, they can truly appreciate just how intrinsic an environment free from dangerous chemicals is to one’s peace of mind and quality of life. They also get to see how healthy new hatchlings can certainly glow with a sort of chickly happiness.