Company:   Celemiab International AB

A few comments by Celemi’s first CEO, Margareta Barchan.

Because Celemi is a global company with clients located all over the world and in many different cultures, we are especially sensitive to the way we are described.

It is true that people really enjoy participating in our simulations and seminars. They are fun and engaging. People gain a deep and applicable understanding of business strategies. But they are not “games.”

We call them “learning processes,” or “learning tools.” They have been developed based on over 30 years of research in adult learning behavior. This advanced knowledge — combined with our experience working with clients — creates powerful learning experiences. Our learning techniques meet the ever-evolving needs of business leaders around the world.

We are also wary of the word “game” because Celemi’s learning processes are not built on chance or luck in any way. Nor are they a trivial form of entertainment, as the word implies in some cultures.

All of Celemi’s learning tool s— whether a WorkMat™ based simulation or seminar, a Web-based program or a multi-media production — generate a remarkably high degree of involvement and learning that traditional “games” do not.

Each of our tools incorporates the knowledge of experts from a specific industry or business discipline. This adds a strong dimension of reality which ensures relevancy across business sectors.

This relevancy — together with the flow of the learning process — makes our tools uniquely efficient instruments of communication for specific strategic messages.

It also ensures long-lasting effects — anyone at any level in the organization can take away meaningful ideas and action steps.