The New Year is here – I wish you the best of success in 2016!

This is a great time to light a fire under those big dreams you’ve been considering for awhile – or maybe even had to put on the back burner.

A couple major success factors to remember…

Don’t let limitations rule your thinking. Even if the news is filled with some pretty dark events, those working to turn things around, visionaries keeping the glow of enterprises shining, get little attention. But they are there steadily moving their dreams forward, often far from any “stage lighting.”

Perhaps you are one of those inspired leaders. May the coming year keep you investing in your own health and well-being – taking the time to enhance your physical and mental strength. Eating & sleeping well, enjoying recreation that includes good friends, and an invigorating work out now and then, can make all the difference in your stamina and creativity.

You probably already follow this sound advice. And also, take advantage of nature’s spectacular treasures to renew body and soul. But let’s remember that it takes both big dreamers and teams of dedicated professionals, to keep these beautiful and vast horizons open for us.

A Love Letter to Wilderness

Big dreams need inspired teams – and great networks – to make it all happen. May 2016 be your time to reach new entrepreneurial heights, in good health, together with other visionaries who share your aspirations.

Cheers to a New Year of Big Dreams Coming True!