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Is this American crisis already ruining your life?

Is This Breakdown Affecting Your Life?

It’s taken on crisis proportions in America, many succumb every day.

But it doesn’t have to break down your life.

I’m talking about the way we communicate…
… or rather, DON’T communicate – miss those most important messages that connect us at a deeper level.

Instead, we rush through our days feeling tense and worried.

And it’s no wonder, considering these are very challenging times.

Yet there’s a truly ingenuous way to avoid this trap.

A way that opens all the doors to your best life.

Top athletes, statesmen and businesspeople use it consistently.

Now, the way of champions awaits you too…


An American Crisis YOU Can Solve

It may be in your home, your hometown – even at work…
It’s plaguing Americans like never before!

Dear Friend,
You see it often, if not daily. People are tense, stressed out from commitments at work and at home. As a coach, I am constantly reminded of it. We are hurting physically, emotionally—often financially. Underlying it all is a crisis of communication.

Think about it…

Families that start out warm and loving, break apart. Childhood depression is on the rise. Businesses everywhere are struggling to survive. But you don’t have to risk this crisis ruining your life.

You can actually eliminate it. Even help others avoid it.

”As a mother of four and president of a successful financial services company, juggling my time is the difficult part. Jim Fannin’s system has helped me get rid of the guilt and simplify my life. Thanks, Jim.”
Beth Ann Ericson
Businesswoman and mother

Many have already discovered the secret and great relief it brings. You see, I coach champion s— famous people and others like you that maybe aren’t so famous. I’ve seen it happen again and again. It only takes seconds, yet use them right, and you work miracles.

  • You’ll feel enormous weight lifted off your shoulders,
  • You’ll become more relaxed and carefree around colleagues, family and friends,
  • You’ll be at ease accomplishing career goals,

… You may even find yourself just sitting back, feet up for awhile, enjoying watching the clouds, or stars…

Wonder how this is possible?

It happens when you learn a proven, simple set of actions that I will explain. They transform stress into positive feelings. Personal achievements become much easier. The system is called The 90 Second Rule because it is just that – a way to rule your mind in just 90 seconds.

You connect easily with others and your own inner calm. The advantages to you are not only life-saving, they are life-transforming. Once you start using The 90 Second Rule, you’ll see improvements where you never thought possible. After only ten days, I guarantee you will be transformed. Your inner strengths will blossom. More joy and supportive energy will naturally flow from you, refreshing you throughout your day.

Life gets simpler. You get greater clarity on what you want to achieve and how. The 90 Second Rule not only impacts you immediately, it also lays a solid foundation for lifelong confidence and happiness.

But please, you really need to experience these benefits for yourself. And I want you to have plenty of time to do it. That’s why you pay nothing the first 30 days!

“In my 22 years in this business, I have seen many incredible speakers, including John Wooden! All have been inspiring and all have been privileged experiences to me. None have made such a profound change in me personally as Jim Fannin”
Linda Fulgenzi
Merrill Lynch executive

You know, I grew up with the best coach in the world. My mother knew many hardships in life, but she filled me with possibilities. Taught me to focus my energies. Instilled in me the confidence to help others become the best of the best—professionally and in their personal lives.

Now it’s your turn.

Order The 90 Second Rule today and a 40% discount is yours once your free trial period is over. This is incredible value and a risk-free opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Let’s put a stop to this crisis in America.

Your life—and the lives of those you love—will be so much richer and happier.

Jim Fannin
Author, The 90-Second Rule

Why Celemi needs a minute to tell you what they do

A few comments by Celemi’s first CEO, Margareta Barchan.

Because Celemi is a global company with clients located all over the world and in many different cultures, we are especially sensitive to the way we are described.

It is true that people really enjoy participating in our simulations and seminars. They are fun and engaging. People gain a deep and applicable understanding of business strategies. But they are not “games.”

We call them “learning processes,” or “learning tools.” They have been developed based on over 30 years of research in adult learning behavior. This advanced knowledge — combined with our experience working with clients — creates powerful learning experiences. Our learning techniques meet the ever-evolving needs of business leaders around the world.

We are also wary of the word “game” because Celemi’s learning processes are not built on chance or luck in any way. Nor are they a trivial form of entertainment, as the word implies in some cultures.

All of Celemi’s learning tool s— whether a WorkMat™ based simulation or seminar, a Web-based program or a multi-media production — generate a remarkably high degree of involvement and learning that traditional “games” do not.

Each of our tools incorporates the knowledge of experts from a specific industry or business discipline. This adds a strong dimension of reality which ensures relevancy across business sectors.

This relevancy — together with the flow of the learning process — makes our tools uniquely efficient instruments of communication for specific strategic messages.

It also ensures long-lasting effects — anyone at any level in the organization can take away meaningful ideas and action steps.


Taking a masterful command over power outages

 “I’ve seen the Knowledge Relay Suite in action and believe it can save my clients millions of dollars each year.”

Randy Buckhalter, noted nuclear power industry consultant.

One of the most critical situations any power plant has is when maintenance is being done. This always requires a certain amount of down time. Everything needs to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Nothing can be left to chance.

Risks for delays must be minimized. They are not only expensive, but also bad for morale and community relations. With Knowledge Relay’s business intelligence suite, maintenance at nuclear power plants goes very smoothly, requiring a minimum of administrative resources. Shortened outage times and improved logistic efficiency are achieved because Knowledge Relay provides uniquely comprehensive technology. More than 60% of the nuclear power plants in the US are already using this solution and saving millions from their reduction of outage times. They also achieve much higher operational efficiency goals.

What does Knowledge Relay’s technology do?

Our suite of tools lets you expand the overall view of an outage, improve reaction time and shorten the length of the outage itself. Sharable data migration tools and document formats are all at your fingertips. You can assemble and disseminate reports and dashboards much faster and dependably than ever before. In addition:

  • You can customize these tools to integrate every report you need for your own unique situation.
  • Problem areas of the operation are quickly identified and dealt with expediently.
  • Complex logistics of coordinating hundreds of jobs simultaneously are smoothly handled by Knowledge Relay’s solution.

Support for a Seamless Transition

The in-depth training and support you’ll receive makes the transition to this new platform seamless. Our client services ensure that you have all the assistance you need for great success with these powerful tools. We’ve been working for more than 20 years with Primavera, and designed software that complements their capabilities. This means your teams will consistently get great results, and those you serve will always have power, even when the plant is offline for maintenance. Installation is fast and incremental You can have this platform installed within 30 days.

How is this possible?

Knowledge Relay’s unique data depot principle speeds up data integration processes in a way that has never before been possible. Previously, getting two enterprise applications to share data, required custom integration – even if application programming interfaces (APIs) were in place – and was an awkward, time-consuming process. But Knowledge Relay leverages a modular, open-source model that makes data integration easy and automatic.

The result?

You can connect and import data from more than 400 different data source types, right out of the box. Dashboards and reports are generated according to your schedule. All information is easily overviewed and understood. You intuitively design what your reports should look like. There is no need to consult IT staff, as the software and graphics are extremely user-friendly. You’ll have more time for strategic analysis and implementation. Save valuable time and money!

Using Knowledge Relay’s suite of tools reduces operating costs by several million dollars every year. These advantages are just the tip of a vast iceberg of benefits we offer nuclear power facilities. Find out more by contacting us today.