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Ensure greater website success for your client

Today you can become a skillful, highly-paid website optimizer…and the trusted website advisor in your niche!

Dear Colleague,
It happens all too often. Looking for information, you wind up on a boring, hard-to-navigate website. Despite the fact that a lot of effort has been put into it, much of what you see is clutter, or just plain confusing.

Why is this so common?

Well, usually those closest to a website are pretty blind to its weaknesses. They need someone outside the company to identify what’s not working.  Actually, they need someone like you! Because you – as a trained and talented copywriter – can really add value here. Once you’ve also learned to audit websites, your services will be in even greater demand! And… consider the long-term implications. Perhaps you’re doing fine now, but what about the future? How will you stand out in your niche? In other words,

How do you plan to keep developing your competitive edge?

As a freelancer there is nothing more important than continuously improving your analytical skills.  And this is one of the best ways to do it. Because now you can easily learn to create even more success for clients and attain that golden position of Trusted Authority!

Let me explain…

Many companies pay for the efforts of database experts, SEO specialists and other consultants to create their online ”shop window” and ”sales force.” Yet once the site goes live, no one checks the resulting performance of the various elements.

Here is where you step in.

  • You see through any confusing or unnecessary texts: missing information, awkward navigation.
  • You know where the competitors are succeeding (or not) and how your client can excel better.
  • You can provide a thorough, professionally composed report, relieving your client’s concerns about why the site isn’t working as well as it should.
  • And YOU can make the text and content revisions that result in even better conversion rates!

That’s a lot of value you’re creating. So you may wonder, how is all this expertise possible to gain in just a day or two?

It’s possible because AWAI – American Writers and Artists, Inc knows how. They capture the best knowhow and present it in a fun, learning-friendly way.

Smoothly, efficiently you follow the expert guidance of website audit specialist Pam Foster. In her many years of working with clients to optimize their sites, she has refined a system of analysis so thorough it impresses any current or potential client. Imagine how this type of system will enhance your reputation. Easily, reliably. Because Pam’s system and templates are hands-on, ready to use. Yet there is even more value awaiting you!

Know that feeling of confidence you get when you understand something really well? And if that ”something” is your client’s business and the tough sales competition she’s facing, your consultation reaches new heights! You see, this site audit system enables you to bring fresh ideas and research to the discussion table. This is extremely valuable for the client… and expands your own strategic thinking as well. You become a trusted collaborator who helps develop the right revisions, in the right place, at the right time.

Resonate with clients and be richly rewarded

If you’ve ever been in that position of mutual respect, you know it’s the ideal work relationship. And this tool will get you there more and more often.

You see, by using Pam Foster’s tried and true ways of doing web research, you simultaneously learn the business world of your client. You come to understand thoroughly what is being sold and how it stacks up to the competition. As a result, you become your client’s trusted business peer.

Sound a bit daunting?

No worries! The material also takes you through the consultation process and shows you how to position yourself. Not only that but, you’ll also feel comfortable having those payment discussions. You have all the support you need to become a polished, professional negotiator while you’re at it!

You see, Pam also speaks to you as an experienced businesswoman. She carefully presents the potentials and possible pitfalls of negotiating. You learn a clear strategy to use with clients – before, during and after the site audit.

It all adds up to more profits for you, enjoyable projects and a reputation that can’t help but attract business.

Above all, the brand of YOU is greatly enhanced

As you hone your skills at performing and presenting research that clients need, your self-assurance grows. You’ll be prepared for various client reactions and expectations. In the end, you will have empowered yourself as a highly valued business advisor and web consultant.

Sound good?

Here’s how it all works…


Build Your “Magic Kingdom” of Income this Weekend

The first one took years, but you can do it much faster because you have something Walt Disney didn’t…

Dear Copywriting Friend,

As the legendary Walt Disney said decades ago, “This is an era of a dream coming true.”

We all know what that dream was… a “Magic Kingdom” of entertainment – a new kind of amusement park full of fun, fantasy and inspiration for young and old alike. Of course there were obstacles, but he managed each one to his advantage. He knew he had something to share with the world. Just as you have something to share, an interest or hobby – A passion that can also make you money!

You can build your own “Magic Kingdom” in hours or days, with minimum invest­ments of time, at little cost. Armed with a vision of how you can help others, there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve. Sounds almost unbelievable. But it’s true.

We see it everywhere. The era is still here… and it’s booming!

You have at your fingertips something Walt would have loved; a well-establish­ed, high-speed infrastructure reaching millions, all over the world. Thanks to the internet there are no tough obstacles to overcome. On the contrary. The “red carpet of the Web” awaits your passion. Even welcomes it! That’s why AWAI offers the expertise and support to help you build your own, profitable “Magic Kingdom” on the Web. Now you can easily, profitably Enter center stage and make the magic happen!

Here’s how…



Miss Having Fun and Feeling Carefree?

Dear Friend,

You and I are probably a lot alike. I know what it’s like to work very hard year in and year out, and still not make ends meet. I remember waking up day after day wondering when all the fun went out of life.

I searched for a way out for 20 years before the answer finally hit me! It had been in front of me all along. But it was so simple, I had missed it.

It’s as common a your daily newspaper, yet much more dynamic. It fuels your passions. You get paid handsomely for focusing on what you love!

Your wealth grows steadily, rapidly. In just weeks you can start making huge profits – with little or no investment. Soon, even your weekdays can feel like holidays.

Imagine the joy you could have from creating the life style of your dreams! And imagine creating that lifestyle in a fraction of the time it took men like Sam Walton or Bill Gates to build their fortunes.

Sound impossible? It’s not – because I’ve done it. And if you’re ready to build the life of your dreams, read on. In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal exactly how to make a fortune by simply sharing what you love!