Make Those Big Dreams Happen!

The New Year is here – I wish you the best of success in 2016!

This is a great time to light a fire under those big dreams you’ve been considering for awhile – or maybe even had to put on the back burner.

A couple major success factors to remember…

Don’t let limitations rule your thinking. Even if the news is filled with some pretty dark events, those working to turn things around, visionaries keeping the glow of enterprises shining, get little attention. But they are there steadily moving their dreams forward, often far from any “stage lighting.”

Perhaps you are one of those inspired leaders. May the coming year keep you investing in your own health and well-being – taking the time to enhance your physical and mental strength. Eating & sleeping well, enjoying recreation that includes good friends, and an invigorating work out now and then, can make all the difference in your stamina and creativity.

You probably already follow this sound advice. And also, take advantage of nature’s spectacular treasures to renew body and soul. But let’s remember that it takes both big dreamers and teams of dedicated professionals, to keep these beautiful and vast horizons open for us.

A Love Letter to Wilderness

Big dreams need inspired teams – and great networks – to make it all happen. May 2016 be your time to reach new entrepreneurial heights, in good health, together with other visionaries who share your aspirations.

Cheers to a New Year of Big Dreams Coming True!

A Quietly Astounding 2015

The intensity of the holiday season brings to mind that classic story of the two lumberjacks. They met to compete one-on-one to fell the most trees in a given amount of time. All things being equal, they went at it with gusto – but had two different strategies. Bill knew he had to put in his utmost, every minute of every hour. Bob did this too, but included breaks for sharpening his saw. Bill could hear these moments of silence from his side of the mountain, but considered it foolish to take a break during such stiff competition. However, this turned out to be his competitor’s great advantage—a hard lesson to grasp for the overwhelmed and exhausted loser.

The story speaks of how much we all need to make the most of our time, our ability to compete, win market share, attention and sales. But it also reminds us to stop now and then, even when we really don’t have the time. Moving from intense activity to its contrast – complete stillness – can definitely move our competitive position to higher ground.

Pico Iyer (highly successful travel writer) makes this very bold suggestion. May it give you a refreshing perspective for the year ahead.

With thanks for a great 2014, here’s to your new year of astounding achievements!

The Holiday Treats of Content Marketing

As we start the last month of this calendar year, you might be considering how much your marketing efforts have achieved during 2014.

If you attract clients at least partly through your on-line presence, results can become apparent after only a few months. That gives all on-line entrepreneurs a chance to evaluate how they’re doing on a regular basis, adjusting as necessary.

But what if you are not getting the results you aimed for from the start, despite vigilant data collection and evaluation?

Consider these three key factors:

1/ How well do you know your prospects – their current situation and what they are focused on right now?

2/ Maybe you have a really important product or service for your market, yet your messages about it aren’t clear enough, strong enough…

3/ When a prospect is interested, are they given an easy path to find out more and start building a loyal relationship with your company?

An honest look at how these are affecting sales can make all the difference in your future marketing strategy. They are what needs to drive successful content on the web.

Once all three are in place and working together, you’ll be making better progress toward higher sales. And if your product or service brings new, strong benefits to their purchasers, it’s like offering them a delightful experience.

Kinda like a holiday treat or two, wouldn’t you think?

The Mind’s the Limit

The Mind’s the Limit

When Tony Buzan’s The Mind Map Book was published in the early 1990’s, many creative thinkers felt they now had an unbelievably natural, simple, elegant tool for capturing and developing ideas.

Visionary entrepreneurs have integrated this tool in countless management meetings, R&D departments use it to go further and faster with their teamwork.

Now, as the fourth quarter of the year is well underway, you might find it refreshing to spend a few sessions – on your own or with colleagues –brainstorming for 2015 using a mind map.

If you’re most comfortable being creative in front of your computer, you might try this free mind mapping software available on the internet at MindMup.

But if you want to just play around with colored pens and some blank paper, you might be surprised at the eye-pleasing results you get with this basic media. It’s also a way to re-visit that curiosity and fearlessness we had as kids when given crayons and coloring books.

Need some inspiration for starters? Here’s a musical Ted talk by Daria van den Bercken.

Proof that pianos can fly and only our imaginations decide our limits.

Commercial Copywriting… Say what?

Although the term ”Commercial Copywriting” may seem easy to understand, most people have difficulty defining just what a commercial copywriter does.

“Copywriting” refers to the discipline of creating good texts that explain, educate and—hopefully—entertain.

“Commercial” identifies the type of texts delivered by the copywriter. In this case, information that helps move businesses forward. Written words that interest buyers, get readers to take action.

Often, companies have done their job of product development exceptionally well. But in the process, become blind to what’s on the buyer’s mind. This makes it difficult for company insiders to express the full range of benefits for their prospects.

That’s why many companies rely on outside help. External business writers can see a broader picture. They can capture both the essence of a given product and the imaginations of the right audience. And they do this in a way the gets results.

That’s what commercial copywriters do.

If you need this kind of help, you’ve come to the right place.
Just send me an email, or give me a call at your earliest convenience.

Brainstorm or Bust!

Autumn is here. You and your colleagues are back at work after a refreshing vacation. Time off that brings new energy, fresh perspectives.

Visionary leaders recognize this as a great time to turbo charge their organizations for great performance in the last quarter of the year.

It’s also an ideal time to get new strategies in place for the coming year. But where do the exciting, inspirational strategies come from?

Hopefully, in your business, they come from harvesting great ideas throughout the organization. How does this happen? Often, it starts with some great brainstorming sessions.

Fast Company recently published a list of common thinking that can stymie the productive creativity of any brainstorming session.

It all boils down to giving these sessions the forethought they deserve. Consider in advance what helps people open their minds and share those seemingly crazy ideas that can renovate⎯maybe even revolutionize⎯the tired and worn way things have “always” been done.

People are the greatest asset in any company. Nurture their development, guide their endeavors to meet profit goals. Above all, encourage original thinking and good brainstorming. Creative interaction is known for generating greater profits and higher levels of motivation.

Here’s to many a great brainstorming session, an epic last quarter and prosperous year to come!

The Dos and Don’ts of Brainstorming

The Joy of Information Marketing

Recently back from a refreshing time in parts south – namely the Languedoc region of France – I’m inspired by all the timeless dedication they have to bringing great wines, cheeses and olive oils to market. It’s also an area with a strong history of resistance to powers that would like to conquer its many riches.

Brings to mind the opportunities we have today of generating wealth, and doing it independent of all the stifling rules and regulations of large, established corporations.

One of the best ways I’ve found for creative and determined professionals to reach markets with unique products, is “Information Marketing.” Using the internet and even local media, people have been building highly lucrative businesses on their own for many years now.

But you don’t need to work single-handedly either.

Maybe you’ll join forces with friends, family, like-minded professionals. In any case, the greatest investment is your own creativity and dedication to bringing a your best product to those who need it.

What could be more enjoyable, more inspiring?

Maybe you have a service that you deliver as a solo entrepreneur. Perhaps you have invented a great technical solution to an everyday problem—or know someone who has, but needs a marketer to help get it out there.

There’s a great free report you might want to look into at:

And if you need a Certified Information Marketer to help you get started, you’ve come to the right place! Just send me a note and we’ll take a look at the project you have in mind.


Relaxing on Summer Waves of Creativity

Here in Sweden that brightest, most welcoming time of year has arrived.

After the cold and dark of winter in the far north, it’s now time to relax and refresh. Time to step back and reach for new perspectives on life’s challenges and rewards.

Even if our commitments don’t allow us a lot of time off, we can still take a few moments (hours, days) and make them exceptionally rich and full of dreams and free-flowing ideas.

With luck, something entirely unexpected may pop up.

– The vision of a new way of doing business –
– Enjoying a forgotten hobby –
– Creating a better product –
– Discovering a new place to vacation…

Whatever form your inspiration arrives in, I hope it includes a chance to enjoy our bright season in the northern hemisphere.

Wishing you new inspiration and times of good cheer with friends & family.


Summer Waves of Creativity

Open Space Technology – A “Technology” that Isn’t

When organizations (of any size) are faced with complex and overwhelming projects or goals – and little time to reach them – their leaders have two choices. They can choose to stress their organization to its utmost, driving executives, managers and their personnel into a frenzy. The stress and energy drain can only bring about uncertain results.

OR, they can use Open Space Technology (“OST”).

OST has proven itself to be the most efficient and likable alternative of the two. An Open Space facilitator ensures that simple ground rules are established, the relevant topics are identified, a marketplace is opened (using a bulletin board), and everyone gets to work. The organization using OST is responsible for making sure everyone is invited who might be interested in contributing to the process –from the cleaning staff to executive officers. Everyone.

It’s like stepping into our natural state of learning and sharing.
The world of IT is left behind and people interact face-to-face in real time.

When I trained with Harrison Owen (founder of OST) several years ago, the elegant simplicity and value of this “technology” changed my way of thinking about chaos and change dramatically. All the participants felt the same. The inspiration of the OST process – including Harrison’s many examples of its successful use – has been a source of renewed aspirations for me in my work since then.

Letting go of our craving for control, the magic of human potential comes to the surface. People work well together and feel well doing so.

The Great Wisdom of the Surfer
… consider these wise words, “As any good surfer will tell you, if you think you are in charge of the wave, you’re in deep trouble.”

Open Space Technology is the way to enjoy riding those frightening waves of chaos leading to new ways of thinking, creating and achieving.

It teaches us that we can ride the wave, not try to control it. However – you ARE in control of what that ride has taught you and how you want to share it. Good documentation and creative media keep the lessons of the wave moving forward and building results.

In other words, Open Space Technology – combined with writing that resonates – has the power to move mountains. Can you imagine a better way of solving any complex challenge your organization might be facing?

What’s in a White Paper?

White papers are reports that focus on a specific problem and describe the solutions available. They provide clear, factual information that helps readers reach a decision about purchasing a product or service.

In the business-to-business realm, white papers can play a very definitive role in creating credibility and promoting a company’s brand. When they include the right information, they move complex buying processes along in large companies.

How does that work?

By providing dependable information, your white paper saves purchasers precious time in evaluating a potential investment. This means white papers are highly regarded as marketing tools…

…when done well.

Consider your target audience. They might be:

– Potential buyers, looking to compare products in your niche.

– Informed readers looking for more information about the specific problem you can solve.

– Prospects that might be curious about your company and what you offer.

In other words, where in the buying process is your reader? When you take this into consideration, you include rather different information. Maybe you’ll have more about the technical features and less about your track record – or just the opposite.

Whatever you put into your white paper, show that you truly want to help. Be clear that you are concerned about their problem and have a good solution they should consider.

When you include not only the facts, but also the values that lie at the heart of your business, then sales, brand-building, credibility and customer loyalty will grow from this single, effective tool.

Been considering white papers? If you’d like to generate more sales leverage in this way, let’s talk. Writing that resonates opens many doors to higher profits. This one might just be a winner for you.