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A Quietly Astounding 2015

The intensity of the holiday season brings to mind that classic story of the two lumberjacks. They met to compete one-on-one to fell the most trees in a given amount of time. All things being equal, they went at it with gusto – but had two different strategies. Bill knew he had to put in his utmost, every minute of every hour. Bob did this too, but included breaks for sharpening his saw. Bill could hear these moments of silence from his side of the mountain, but considered it foolish to take a break during such stiff competition. However, this turned out to be his competitor’s great advantage—a hard lesson to grasp for the overwhelmed and exhausted loser.

The story speaks of how much we all need to make the most of our time, our ability to compete, win market share, attention and sales. But it also reminds us to stop now and then, even when we really don’t have the time. Moving from intense activity to its contrast – complete stillness – can definitely move our competitive position to higher ground.

Pico Iyer (highly successful travel writer) makes this very bold suggestion. May it give you a refreshing perspective for the year ahead.

With thanks for a great 2014, here’s to your new year of astounding achievements!