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Commercial Copywriting… Say what?

Although the term ”Commercial Copywriting” may seem easy to understand, most people have difficulty defining just what a commercial copywriter does.

“Copywriting” refers to the discipline of creating good texts that explain, educate and—hopefully—entertain.

“Commercial” identifies the type of texts delivered by the copywriter. In this case, information that helps move businesses forward. Written words that interest buyers, get readers to take action.

Often, companies have done their job of product development exceptionally well. But in the process, become blind to what’s on the buyer’s mind. This makes it difficult for company insiders to express the full range of benefits for their prospects.

That’s why many companies rely on outside help. External business writers can see a broader picture. They can capture both the essence of a given product and the imaginations of the right audience. And they do this in a way the gets results.

That’s what commercial copywriters do.

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