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Brainstorm or Bust!

Autumn is here. You and your colleagues are back at work after a refreshing vacation. Time off that brings new energy, fresh perspectives.

Visionary leaders recognize this as a great time to turbo charge their organizations for great performance in the last quarter of the year.

It’s also an ideal time to get new strategies in place for the coming year. But where do the exciting, inspirational strategies come from?

Hopefully, in your business, they come from harvesting great ideas throughout the organization. How does this happen? Often, it starts with some great brainstorming sessions.

Fast Company recently published a list of common thinking that can stymie the productive creativity of any brainstorming session.

It all boils down to giving these sessions the forethought they deserve. Consider in advance what helps people open their minds and share those seemingly crazy ideas that can renovate⎯maybe even revolutionize⎯the tired and worn way things have “always” been done.

People are the greatest asset in any company. Nurture their development, guide their endeavors to meet profit goals. Above all, encourage original thinking and good brainstorming. Creative interaction is known for generating greater profits and higher levels of motivation.

Here’s to many a great brainstorming session, an epic last quarter and prosperous year to come!

The Dos and Don’ts of Brainstorming