Monthly Archives: juni 2014

Relaxing on Summer Waves of Creativity

Here in Sweden that brightest, most welcoming time of year has arrived.

After the cold and dark of winter in the far north, it’s now time to relax and refresh. Time to step back and reach for new perspectives on life’s challenges and rewards.

Even if our commitments don’t allow us a lot of time off, we can still take a few moments (hours, days) and make them exceptionally rich and full of dreams and free-flowing ideas.

With luck, something entirely unexpected may pop up.

– The vision of a new way of doing business –
– Enjoying a forgotten hobby –
– Creating a better product –
– Discovering a new place to vacation…

Whatever form your inspiration arrives in, I hope it includes a chance to enjoy our bright season in the northern hemisphere.

Wishing you new inspiration and times of good cheer with friends & family.


Summer Waves of Creativity