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Does Your Entrepreneurial DNA Help You Succeed?

With all the great commercial opportunities the internet offers, you might wonder who is really succeeding these days.

Joe Abraham – himself a highly successful businessman – has done some thorough research on this. His conclusion is that your innate business personality – your “entrepreneurial DNA” – guides the rate and degree of success that you will have in business. It is even more important than your experience and educational background.

Why more people don’t succeed

Mr. Abraham questions the status quo—business schools and gurus. With all their highly regarded courses and sound advice – what do they really know about how YOU will succeed?

Not a whole lot according to his data. The trouble is, business schools teach a standard curriculum, as if  “one size fits all.”

And you’ve probably heard of at least a couple of wildly successful business gurus preaching about how they succeeded, assuring us that “we can too.”

But watch out!

These institutions and figures of financial fame, do not take into consideration our personal core motivators and value systems. Mr. Abraham has discovered that each of us falls into one of four main behavioral profiles, four types of  “entrepreneurial DNA.”

These – more than anything else – determine how we build thriving enterprises… or not.

Successful people know how to complement their entrepreneurial DNA

Each of the four profiles needs to be complemented by others with different business DNA. Makes good sense—collaboration for balance and sustainable growth.

Your way forward is uniquely yours. Evaluating and planning with complementary minds creates very powerful synergy. When you find such people, take care to appreciate them. Invest in these invaluable, mutually beneficial relationships.

And I hope you’ll remember that key player that many overlook…

The team member who can help explain and implement great ideas and innovations. The one who crafts the words that drive successful strategies for years to come…

…breaking through that bottleneck of failed entrepreneurs.