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B2B Web Content Can Sell Like an Elite Escort Service

Are you among the 9%?

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute interviewed a worldwide sampling of 4,397 marketers from a range of company types. They found that only 9% thought their content marketing efforts were highly effective. (

Their findings also show that many marketers are having difficulty producing the right kind of content—and enough of it.

Maybe some non-conventional success secrets could help.

Unorthodox, provocative – but classic and perennial – sales tips from the world of premium-priced escort services at your service!

In case you’ve overlooked something…

Sydney Barrows (the “Mayflower Madam,” author and sales consultant) might just have the missing link to better content marketing results.

Before entering that world of less reputable activities, Ms. Barrows had seen firsthand how quickly a management team can destroy decades of success by losing sight of the factors driving profits. Knowing these factors, she couldn’t help but see undeveloped potential in a niche that fate had seemingly dumped right in her lap!

Delving into what this niche was really selling, she uncovered a gold of mine entrepreneurial opportunity.

And you know what? This is how all types of businesses thrive. They find out what drives the buying process and focus on aligning their messages with that.

But what Sydney Barrows does is even more extraordinary.

She takes command of all the details around the client’s buying experience. She does “Sales Choreography™.” This involves having a script, sending the right signals and engaging your buyer step by step. Applied to any kind of business, it produces excellent results.

How the elements of Sales Choreography™ are successfully, daringly applied is described in: Uncensored Sales Strategies – A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Really Want – No Matter What Business You’re In.

Could Sales Choreography™ increase results from your web content?

Challenge your usual way of creating content. Delve deeper into those untapped wells of buying triggers. Do it thoroughly, consistently. Your web content will spark that exceptional buyer experience. You’ll join those 9% with great payoff levels—and above all, have fun doing it!